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Call 877-624-3250 or e-mail for more information.
Tell your Vendor:  We interface with ALL billing programs!  No contract!
  • Send claims over high speed internet:  View MedXpress Carriers
  • Place and pickup files in the MedXpress folder on your computer
  • Receive a notification if a file rejects
  • Reports are held for you for 3 months (never reset a file again)
  • Files are double encrypted
  • Print your entire EOB(835) and/or select the patients on the EOB you would like to print an individual copy for.  View other reports easily as well. 
  • We have been in business since 1986 . . . we have staying power!
Sign up today by clicking on the button below. Once we receive notification that you signed up, we will contact you to make sure you were able to successfully install MedXpress.
We will send your first file with you.
How much, you ask?  $30 per month for the first submitter number (per account). Additional submitter numbers may be added at $20 each per month.  The setup is $35 for each computer you would like MedXpress installed on.

If you transmit over 5,000 claims per month, please contact us for pricing. We have a tiered pricing structure for commercial accounts.

Your billing software must be able to produce an 837 claim file in order to use MedXpress. If you are unsure if your software has this capability, please contact your vendor.

Refer a friend program: Receive one month of free service!  Please tell your colleagues about MedXpress.  Let them know they can try it FREE for one month. For each client you send our way, you will receive a credit of $30 dollars toward your MedXpress service. (To refer a friend, tell them to put the phone number on your MedXpress account in the "referred by" field on the website when they sign up). 

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Click on the link below for more information about verifying your patients' Medicare eligibility and deductible status online.